Alpha Fridge Magnets

Debut - Alpha Fridge MagnetsArtist: Alpha Fridge Magnets

VÖ: 10/2008

Genre:Punk Rock / Screamo

Spielzeit: 28:00 min

Tracks: 9

Who would have thought that a country with about the same number of inhabitants like Berlin has enough great variety to offer such high quality Punk Rock sounds like the Alpha Fridge Magnets on their debut record? These three guys exactly know what their instruments can do. Even more so, they know how to write songs which are hard enough to take them serious, fast enough to dance to and the most specific fact, you can feel the Lithuanian heart and energy in every second of this record. You will also find Songs like „Wake Up And Smell the Brainwash and „Pocketsize Rebellion“ that have been recorded right after founding the band for the record „City Police On Speed“ that never have been released. Fortunately AFM are open minded enough to think of their fans all around the world and offer their record for free download on their homepage. Find your way to this fresh and powerful piece of music, in the blog on their myspace site, visit NOW:

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