Bardo - MitoteArtist: Mitote (Plzen/CZ)

Vö: 2010

Genre: Indie/Progressive Rock

Spielzeit: 32:59

Tracks: 8

Some cities in Czech. Republic are dead, at least musically. Plzen does not count to these cities! The 3rd recording of the band Mitote gives an exsample how much live is going on in this city. It’s unbelievable that this album is recorded just with two guitars, drums and voice. The guy who misses a bass guitar here, does not recognize how the two guitars are playing together and neutralize every need for this. The experimental and progressive, indie sound of these three guys lives from a geat songwriting. Fat drums, guitars that go from almost silent clean sounds immediately to heavy riffs and a rough voice that underlines the songs just perfect to create some hard stuff for your ears. You won’t miss only 1 gram of heart blood and soul in these songs. Business as usual, the band did not miss to have a tribute song for one of their influences on this LP, with the last song „Merchandise“ Mitote recorded a cover of Fugazi, „Mitote Style“!

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